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Welcome to my Blog...


I'm Shelley and I run Pads n' Pets, Pet Sitting, Dog Walking & Home Security Services in Leeds.


I thought it would be a great idea to create this pet blog, brought to you by our friend 'Blog the Dog'. Somewhere I can keep you up to date with what's going on in our busy Pet Business World. I'll also share tips, advice, thoughts and just anything I think you may find useful or interesting


Hope you enjoy reading!


Shelley and my  friend Blog The Dog!


By PadsnPets, Apr 3 2014 11:38PM

When I bought my dog, Lola, I decided to take her to puppy class to let her socialise with other dogs and learn a few basics. I enrolled with a local dog-training group for an 8-week course, which came highly recommended by a friend.

On the first week we were asked to go to the class alone and leave our dogs at home so we could enrol etc. There were 10 people who had enrolled on the class and we all got chatting, getting to know each other and talking about some of the things our dogs had been getting up to. It was a good way to break the ice, without us being distracted by our beloved pets.

As you would expect, we talked about anything and everything canine, from the different types of collars and leads to the best treats and toys out there, it was great to talk to others in the same situation as me. After a while the instructor moved on to talking about crating our dogs which, I know, can be a controversial subject amongst some. Most people in the group, including myself, said they were happy to use a crate with their dogs and could see the massive benefits for both the owner and the dogs. However, there was one couple that seemed to be having a disagreement. The instructor asked them why.

This particular couple had rescued their dog, Ronnie, from the Dogs Trust. The lady had taken a number of weeks holiday from work to help the dog settle in at home and she felt he was doing well, without using a crate, so she decided to go back to work on a part time basis so as not to leave the dog too long on his own. One day the couple had gone to work, and their daughter came home at 12 noon for lunch, as usual, and the dog and the house were fine. Her daughter then went back to work at 1pm. When the lady returned home 55 minutes later, unfortunately, this was not the case anymore. Ronnie the dog had decided to do a bit of DIY and take the gas fire in the front room completely to pieces, all the individual coals had been taken out and even the gold edging had been removed and left all over the living room!!! I may be wrong but I don’t think she was expecting that?!

As a group our faces must have been a picture, the instructor didn’t know what to say and luckily the couple were laughing about it. Finally the instructor asked, ‘what have you done about the fire now’ to which the man replied, ‘we are waiting for him to put it back together again!’

I’m pretty sure we all thought our dogs had the tendency to be mischievous but nothing topped this, not even the instructor had heard anything like it before. It certainly made for an interesting first session!

I wonder if they have since changed their minds about using a crate?

So over to you guys, we’d love to hear your thoughts, to crate or not to crate?

By guest, Mar 24 2014 11:45AM

We just can’t believe what an amazing first month in business we have had. After all those months of researching, planning and preparing for our new Pet business, I don’t think either us quite expected Pads ‘n’ Pets to get off to such a flying start!

Over the past four weeks we’ve been busy beavering away with our Marketing, getting out and about locally, door dropping our leaflets. We have to say hats off to all the postmen out there; we have a new found respect for those guys!! We’ve also been meeting other local business owners, who have all been so lovely and supportive, which is fantastic.

We’ve been getting busy on Social Media too, getting our name out there as the go to people for Dog Walking and Pet Sitting in South Leeds! We’ve even managed to win an award on Twitter (we were shocked too!); we won Bright Pig SEO Business of the Week! From this we gained lots of additional followers and lots of retweets, so lots of great exposure for us! We’re also now listed in The Good Dog Guide, which can only be a good thing.

Most importantly, our hard work seems to be paying off as we have had lots of enquiries for our pet services and have bookings and jobs under our belt already. Yey, all we can say is long may it continue.

So thanks to everyone for their fabulous support so far, we are very humbled and grateful.

So what next for Pads ‘n’ Pets… onwards and upwards, oh and a new blog, which we hope you will enjoy reading! ;)

Shelley & Amanda x

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