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Welcome to Pads 'n' Pets Ltd -
Are you looking for a Local Pet Sitter or Dog Walker in Leeds?

We know that your pets are a very important part of your life and family and that their care and welfare is your priority (we should know... we feel exactly the same!).


Unfortunately, sometimes, life's commitments like work, holidays and events mean you just can't be at home for your pets as much as you would like to be. That's where we can help!


Our pet sitting, dog walking and puppy care services mean that we can be there to tend to your animals needs, when you can't.



Modern Kitchen


Are you going on holiday and worried about your home safety?


With our 'Home Safe' package, your home

security is our priority!

(no pets are required for this service)

We can open/close curtains, pick up post, put out bins...

discreetly ensure your house looks lived in to the outside world, for more information email


Our Pet Sitting, Dog Walking and Home Safety Checks cover the majority of South Leeds and some of the surrounding areas including:-

Beeston - Middleton - Holbeck - Morley - Cottingley

- Belle Isle - Hunslet - Churwell - Rothwell - Oulton

- Thorpe - East Ardsley - Tingley - Woodkirk

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