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We can be there to give your dog the

exercise they need when you can't. We only take out small groups of dogs to ensure each dog gets the full care and attention they need.


We understand how important physical and mental exercise is, so we will take your dog out for 1 hour on a good long walk.  We will often walk them in parks and woods. We will play with them and give them attention (as you specify).


We will only take your dog off the lead for a run if you ask us to.


After the walk we will towel dry your dogs if needed/wipe paws. We will leave them with their water bowl filled, fed (if required) or give them a treat (if required). Leaving your dogs warm, happy and probably tired from all the exercise!!


We will meet with you beforehand to discuss your requirements and provide you with a no obligation quote.




1 Dog - £12.00 per hour walk or

£9.00 per 1/2 hour walk.


Additional Dogs (Maximum of 4) - £6.00 per dog, per hour walk.

£5.00 per dog, per 1/2 hour walk.


Puppy Care Visits from £10.00



Individual Walks:-


If you would prefer your dog to have an individual walk (no other dogs), we can provide this service.


This service allows your dog to have our undivided attention or is ideal if you have a doggy diva who doesn't get on so well with other dogs!


Individual Walks Rate:-


£15 Per Hour

£9 Per Half Hour


If you would like to find out more about our dog walking services,

please contact us.




Dog Walking Services

Pet Sitting in South Leeds including, Beeston, Morley and Churwell
We can look after your small caged animals too.
Dog Walking in South Leeds

Pads 'n' Pets Ltd Services and Prices

We provide a range of reliable, bespoke pet sitting, dog walking and home security check services in South Leeds and the surrounding areas. Before working with any clients (and pets!) we would like to meet you in person (as I am sure you would like to meet us first too), so we can fully discuss your requirements and provide you with a package that meets your needs.

For more information, please contact us!




Find out about

our Puppy Care


House Check Service

Pet Sitting Services

If you are going away on holiday or on business or, if your work/life commitments mean you can't be there to tend to your pets, then our discreet pet sitting services are exactly what you need.


Our Pet Sitting Services are available for cats and small caged animals.


Unfortunately, this service is not suitable for dogs.


Visits will last approx 20 mins.


We will provide the following services:


- Feed/Water/Give treats as instructed.

- Clean litter trays/cages.

- Administer medication as instructed.

- Give your pets strokes & attention.


As part of our pet sitting service, we will also provide discreet home checks and security services including:

- Open/close curtains.

- Turn lights on/off.

- Put bins out/bring bins in.

- Water Plants


For a small additional fee we can also ensure you have essential items in the fridge/cupboard for when you return from your trip, like bread and milk - please ask about this service.




1 Animal, 1 Visit Per Day - £10.00

1 Animal, 2 Visits Per Day - £14.00

2-3 Animals, 1 Visit Per Day - £11.00

2-3 Animals, 2 Visits Per Day - £17.00


4+ Animals - Please contact us.



If you would like to find out more about our pet sitting services, please get in touch today!

No Pets? No Problem!


Whether you are going on holiday, away visiting family and friends or if you spend a lot of time working away from home, our Home Security Checks will give you the reassurance  and peace of mind you need that your home is safe, secure and being looked after.


With our 'Home Safe' package we will provide the following services:


- Discretely visit your home (parking away from your house).

- Move post from the door mat/out of view. (An obvious sign that the property could be empty).

- Open/close curtains.

- Turn lights on/off if required.

- Put bins out/bring bins in.

- Water plants.

- Be a point of contact in the unlikely event of an emergency.


We can also provide services like turning your heating/water on, if returning in Winter. (Just ask us!)




Home Safe Package - £5 per visit.

This package is included free of charge with our pet sitting services.


For a small additional fee we can also ensure you have essential items in the fridge/cupboard for when you return from your trip e.g. bread and milk - please ask about this service.

Please note, all service charges will be double on;

Bank Holidays, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. 

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